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X-ray Crystallography
Featured beamlines // 14.12.2022

Today, we formally announce that PILATUS3 will have a successor: next summer, we will officially launch PILATUS4.

Featured labs // 19.08.2022

Learn how Jakob Voldum Ahlburg has set up and managed a crystallography lab at the University of Aarhus!

Featured labs // 22.06.2022
Performing X-ray absorption spectroscopy measurements with a laboratory spectrometer is no longer reserved only for synchrotron beamlines. A spectrometer developed at the BLiX lab (Technical University Berlin) has now been commercialized by HP Spectroscopy.
Featured labs // 18.02.2021
Continuous scan with a twist: give your old powder diffractometer new value! Photron-X tells us how…
Featured labs // 08.02.2021
Prof. Spingler tells us about his research, the crystallography service lab, some samples, and PILATUS3
Featured labs // 13.08.2019
Benign by design: a solvent-free approach to synthesis, reaction monitoring, and crystal structure determination of ...

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