This hybrid-pixel, radiation-hard electron detector allows you to focus on your sample instead of your camera.

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Based on hybrid-pixel technology, QUADRO is the first direct electron detector to be released by DECTRIS. It incorporates our signature instant retrigger, continuous readout, and noise-free acquisition. Even at high count rate (up to 10 million el/s/pix), DECTRIS QUADRO® detector is able to count every single electron, and thus assures more accurate data collection.

Thanks to QUADRO’s exceptionally high dynamic range, your experimental setup will no longer require a beam stopper, and this will allow you to obtain uninterrupted diffraction patterns. This characteristic, combined with QUADRO detector’s speed and sensitivity, make it a game-changer for techniques such as Micro-Electron Diffraction (microED), electron imaging, strain imaging, and ptychography. 

  • Efficient: QUADRO detector’s fast readout chip, combined with its silicon sensor material, provides the ideal Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE)—even at low energies.
  • Radiation-hard: QUADRO detector doesn’t require a beam stopper, and this will allow you to collect all data without interference.
  • Easy: QUADRO detector is compatible with SerialEM. Its Application Programming Interface (API) enables straightforward integration into any microscopy application suite.

Detector Specifications*

Number of pixels (W x H)

512 x 512

Active area (W x H)




38.4 x 38.4

Pixel size (W x H)




75 x 75

Sensor material

Silicon (Si)

Energy range




30 - 300

Frame rate (max.)




2,250 (16-bit); 4,500 (8-bit)

Frame rate (ROI, max.)




9,000 (16-bit); 18,000 (8-bit)

Count rate (max.)





Detective Quantum Efficiency, DQE(0)

0.81 at 100 kV, 0.85 at 200 kV

Detector mounting

Bottom-mounted, on-axis

*All specifications are subject to change without notice.
All technical documentation is available here.

QUADRO Technical Documentation

Key Contact

Luca Piazza
Product Manager - Electron Microscopy

Integrated Solutions

Discover DECTRIS QUADRO® detector that is fully integrated into electron microscopy instruments.

Case Study

In his study, Dr. Tim Gruene investigated the prospects of electron diffraction for rapid structure identification using a hybrid-pixel electron detector.

Publication: Rapid Structure Determination of Microcrystalline Molecular Compounds Using Electron Diffraction, Angewandte Chemie, October 2018

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