World-leading hybrid-pixel X-ray and electron detectors

X-ray Detectors
We offer a vast portfolio of hybrid-pixel X-ray detectors for synchrotron beamlines and laboratories. At DECTRIS, you will find a detector for any X-ray technique.
Electron Detectors
Our hybrid-pixel electron detectors are used for electron diffraction, EELS, 4D STEM, and other applications. Join the new era of direct detection!


At DECTRIS, we develop and manufacture the most accurate high-performance, hybrid-pixel X-ray and electron detectors. Our goal is to advance scientific research all over the world.

Here, academic research meets agile industry practices and an entrepreneurial spirit. Deeply rooted in the scientific community, we share our users’ values, as well as their desire to learn. Simultaneously, we serve businesses whose mission is to provide the best possible scientific equipment. Our engineers, technicians, administrators, and commercial experts work hard to make sure that our users get a detector they can truly count on.




We are detector experts
We spend all our time on detector technologies and flawless integration, so that you can spend your time on science and measurements.
We can relate to you
Our team has extensive scientific experience, and we maintain Research & Development collaborations across academia and industry to meet your future needs.
We offer ready solutions
Our company has 15 years of experience in detector development and manufacturing: from the prototype stage to streamlined production of reliable, high-performance detectors.
You will get support, not a chatbot
Our team will take care of you all the way: from purchase and integration to use and end-of-life, regardless of warranty and detector age.


Counting every single photon or electron, DECTRIS direct detectors make data collection more accurate and reliable — and faster!

Working with X-rays

Working with Electrons

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We are happy to answer any questions about us, our detectors, or the process of integrating our detectors into your experimental setup.

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Do you need a DECTRIS hybrid-pixel detector integrated into your beamline, microscope, or other instrument? Or, are you looking for a customized solution? Just reach out to us!