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Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Tensor Tomography

Combining SAXS and Computed Tomography (CT) makes it possible to obtain 3D images with nanoscale orientation information. SAXS Tensor Tomography requires fast and high-quality data collection – a good prerequisite for a hybrid-pixel area detector.

The SAXS technique captures 2D information regarding a 3D structure. The lost dimension can be obtained by rasterizing and rotating the sample. However, to get 3D data in a reasonable time, X-ray detectors that enable fast and sustainable data collection are a must. 

The availability of hybrid-pixel detectors has provided a sound basis for SAXS Tensor Tomography. A detector must simultaneously meet stringent SAXS requirements (a high dynamic range, noise-free performance, count-rate capability) and have a high frame rate (fast readout, short or no dead time). 

With its advantageous features, the PILATUS3 detector family has opened up many possibilities for SAXS Tensor Tomography. Now, EIGER2 is here to push the boundaries again with continuous readout, two energy thresholds, and an extremely high frame rate.

  • Obtain accurate data thanks to our detectors’ high dynamic range.
  • Collect data at high speeds thanks to short readout times, lack of dead time, and a high frame rate.
  • We also offer vacuum compatibility and Specific Solutions.

SAXS Tensor Tomography at Synchrotron Sources

  • Our detectors offer a count rate of 107 counts/s/pixel.
  • EIGER2 detectors feature an upper threshold to suppress cosmics and a continuous readout.
  • Increased efficiency at high energies with our CdTe-based detectors.

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