The PILATUS3 X-ray detector series is the established standard for Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC). Based on an advanced CMOS readout ASIC, PILATUS3 systems feature DECTRIS Instant Retrigger technology and reduced readout times. DECTRIS Instant Retrigger technology results in non-paralyzable counting and allows for highly accurate count rate correction. In addition, PILATUS3 detectors offer unsurpassed high-rate counting rate performance thanks to enhancements such as counter overflow handling, improved pixel uniformity, and reduced crosstalk. The shorter readout time of less than 1 ms allows for increased frame rates of 100 Hz to 500 Hz. Furthermore, PILATUS3 technology is compatible with cadmium telluride sensors. This feature is exploited in our PILATUS3 X CdTe detector series for substantially improved quantum efficiency at high X-ray energies.

Enhanced count rate correction achieves improved data quality

DECTRIS Instant Retrigger with adjustable dead time is a patented technology that enables non-paralyzable photon counting for improved high-rate counting performance. In PILATUS3 detectors, DECTRIS Instant Retrigger technology re-evaluates the pulse signal after a predetermined dead-time interval after each count and retriggers the counting circuit should pulse pile-up occur. The dead-time interval is adjustable and is equivalent to the width of a single photon pulse. This results in non-paralyzable counting and allows for enhanced count rate correction to achieve improved data quality at high count rates.