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Hybrid-Pixel Technology for Specific Solutions

Flexible technology for X-ray detection without limits.

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Specific Solutions are based on DECTRIS’ standard hybrid-pixel, photon-counting technology platforms: PILATUS3 and EIGER2 pixel detectors, and MYTHEN2 strip detectors. All DECTRIS detectors operate in single-photon-counting mode and provide outstanding data quality. They feature a very high dynamic range, zero dark signal, and no readout noise. This achieves optimal signal-to-noise ratios, even for short readout times and high frame rates.

Large active areas with customer-specific geometries are made up of multiple identical modules. Any of our detector platforms can become the foundation for your Specific Solution.

Technical Details - Modules

Detector type Pixel Pixel Pixel Pixel Strip 
Energy range [keV] 5 - 361 15 - 80 6 - 40 8 - 100 4 - 402
Pixel size (W x H) / Strip Width [µm²] 172 x 172 172 x 172 75 x 75 75 x 75 50  x 8,000  or 50 x 4,000 
Active area (W x H) [mm²] 83.8 x 33.5 83.8 x 33.53 77.1 x 38.4 77.1 x 38.44 64 x 8,  or 32 x 8,  or 32 x 4
Number of pixels/strips per module 487 x 195 pixels 487 x 195 pixels  1,028 x 512 pixels 1,028 x 512 pixels 1,280 strips or 640 strips
Frame rate (max.)  [Hz] Up to 5005 Up to 5005 Up to 2,0005 Up to 2,0005 1,000
Readout time [ms] 0.95 0.95 Continuous readout6 Continuous readout6 N/A


*All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Extended low-energy and ultra-low-energy calibrations are optionally available.
2 4 keV available only with 320 μm x 4 mm sensors.

3 Covered by two CdTe tiles 41.6 x 33.5 mm in size.
4 With a 2-pixel-wide vertical gap in the center of each module.
Framerate dependent on detector size.
With 100 ns of dead time.

Key Contact

Lisa Glatt
Product Manager - Specific Solutions

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