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And the 2021 Microscopy Today Innovation Award goes to Stela Hybrid-Pixel Camera!

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At the end of 2020, Gatan and DECTRIS announced the launch of the Stela: a combination of a hybrid-pixel electron detector and the Gatan Microscopy Suite® platform that offers a complete workflow for advanced 4D STEM diffraction. Today, Stela is among one of the ten game-changing products/methods recognized by the 2021 Microscopy Today Innovation Award.

Each year, Microscopy Today presents ten awards to organizations or individuals who have launched or published innovations in microscopy or microanalysis. Simple innovations that save time and money have as much chance of winning as sophisticated instruments or methods. Important is that it has an impact and is useful for the microscopy community. Today, we are proud to announce that Gatan-DECTRIS Stela hybrid-pixel camera for 4D STEM is among the ten winners of the award.

Integrated solution and its significance for 4D STEM

As the only solution offering fully integrated hybrid-pixel electron detector (DECTRIS ELA®) with the data acquisition and processing software (Gatan Microscopy Suite®), Stela enables a mainstream adoption of advanced  Four-Dimensional Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (4D STEM) diffraction experiments across electron microscopy labs in the world. It delivers fast and high-quality data and is easy to use. The camera provides real-time visualization and analysis of the 4D data stream, giving the scientist instant feedback and experimental control. With Stela, any 4D experiments can be optimized to be less time-consuming and more straightforward.

While 4D STEM develops into the next big thing in electron microscopy, the availability of highly sensitive and fast detectors, as well as robust and easy-to-use software for data acquisition and analysis becomes more and more important. That is why Gatan-DECTRIS Stela caught the attention of the Microscopy Today Innovation Award jury. We are happy to be recognized by this prestigious award and we thank our partner, Gatan, for making this product possible.

Want to know more about Stela?

If you would like to know more about the hybrid-pixel detector behind Stela, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We will be happy to answer your questions about how the detector works, what are its key advantages, and its integration.

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