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Unveiling DECTRIS: Empowering Chinese Laboratories with Cutting-Edge X-ray Detectors

Dr. Mifang Lu (left) and Dr. Marcus Mueller (right)

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We, DECTRIS, stand as a famous supplier of X-ray detectors in the Chinese laboratory market. We are deeply committed to supporting our Chinese clients by navigating through obstacles such as geographical distances and internet limitations. 

Keen to learn about our offerings? Delve into an engaging interview with Dr. Mifang Lu, Senior Regional Sales APAC Manager, and Dr. Marcus Mueller, Senior X-ray Analytics Product Manager, to uncover more about our innovative services and solutions!

DECTRIS: Could you introduce yourselves and discuss your roles as the Senior Regional Sales APAC Manager and the Senior X‐ray Analytics Product Manager at DECTRIS?

Mifang: My background in Photonics, coupled with many years of research experience, provided a solid foundation before I transitioned into Sales—a field where I discovered a profound passion for engaging with customers.

In 2022, I began a new chapter at DECTRIS as a Senior Regional Sales APAC Manager. In this capacity, I assist customers and partners in finding tailored solutions that meet their specific needs in both research and industrial applications. There is immense satisfaction in learning about our clients' technologies, ambitions, and successes, as well as their challenges. My goal in this role is to empower our customers and partners by utilizing our HPC (Hybrid Photon Counting) detectors, thereby helping to elevate their technology to new heights.

Marcus: I started at DECTRIS in 2011 as an Application Scientist, after spending several years working with DECTRIS PILATUS detectors during my time as a PhD student in Protein Crystallography and later as a Postdoc at the Swiss Light Source. Since 2015, I have been serving as a Senior X‐ray Analytics Product Manager at DECTRIS.

In my current role, a primary objective is to ensure that our detectors meet and exceed the needs of our customers by addressing their specific pain points and offering advantages over competing products. To achieve this, I consider the requirements of both OEM partners and instrument manufacturers, as well as the direct needs of end-users. My focus as Product Manager centers on DECTRIS detectors that are utilized in non-synchrotron X-ray analytical methods, including diffraction, scattering, and fluorescence.

DECTRIS: What advantages do DECTRIS X-ray detectors have over others in the Chinese market, and how does this benefit the users?

Marcus: Our X-ray detectors are unique in the Chinese market through their advanced specifications, such as having the smallest strip widths and highest counting rates available. They are also highly reliable, leading to fewer maintenance requests and less operational downtime for our users. Our robust R&D team is constantly pushing the boundaries of our technology, ensuring that our detectors not only meet, but also exceed the evolving needs of synchrotron and laboratory environments. This commitment allows us to provide our users with advanced equipment that significantly boosts their efficiency and output.

Mifang: In addition to these technological advantages, our strong collaboration with distributors in China ensures exceptional local service. We also tailor our detectors to meet the specific needs of our Chinese customers, further enhancing their experience and satisfaction.

DECTRIS: How does DECTRIS maintain its technological edge in the rapidly evolving Chinese market?

Mifang: We prioritize close relationships with our customers to fully understand their needs, which significantly influences our developmental strategies. Except for the pandemic period, we have visited China annually to engage directly with our customers through personal meetings and collaborative workshops with our OEM partners.

Marcus: The advancement of HPC technology presents a significant benefit for our Chinese customers. We are committed to maintaining our position at the forefront of this technological sector.

DECTRIS China Trip 2024


DECTRIS China Trip 2023

DECTRIS: Could you describe the steps DECTRIS takes to maintain the highest quality and reliability standards for its X-ray detectors?

Marcus: Absolutely. Our approach to ensuring quality and reliability begins right from the initial phases of detector development. For instance, in the design phase of a new ASIC, we prioritize considerations around manufacturability and calibration. Similarly, when we develop new electronic boards for our detectors, we adhere to stringent criteria for component selection and utilization to boost reliability.

Mifang: In terms of testing, our production process incorporates multiple quality-control measures. Quality control begins with the inspection of raw materials: specifically, the sensor and ASIC wafers received from suppliers. Additionally, we conduct extensive testing on our detectors over prolonged periods before they are dispatched to customers.

DECTRIS: Can you discuss any specific efforts that DECTRIS has implemented to serve its Chinese customer base better?

Mifang: DECTRIS has established a dedicated team for the Chinese market that includes support staff, Product Managers, Sales, and Marketing professional, many of whom are native Chinese speakers. We leverage local platforms such as WeChat for our social media presence and create specialized materials tailored for Chinese users. Additionally, we closely monitor China's funding policies to adapt our strategies accordingly, ensuring that our efforts are aligned with local needs and regulations.

Marcus: Serving the Chinese market effectively is a strategic priority for DECTRIS. A key element of our approach is maintaining a strong relationship with our distributors. We not only equip our distributors with high-performance, reliable detectors, but also provide thorough knowledge and training regarding the applications of our products. This exchange helps us gain deeper insights into the specific requirements of our Chinese customers, enabling us to better meet their needs and expectations.

DECTRIS China Team

DECTRIS: What upcoming trends in X-ray detection technology excite you the most, and how do you see these benefiting DECTRIS’s customers in China?

Mifang: China is aspiring to be a global leader in technology, which presents significant opportunities. DECTRIS is actively collaborating with Chinese customers, providing them with cutting-edge detectors. This support is aligned with the country's goals of becoming a technological leader globally and increasing reliance on local equipment and technology.

Marcus: The trend towards HPC detectors is becoming increasingly significant in X-ray detection, especially in X-ray analytics. Furthermore, we are observing a shift towards ASICs, which are the chips at the heart of the detection process in HPC detectors, being tailored for specific X-ray applications rather than a multitude of them. DECTRIS is at the forefront of this trend, and our customers in China and worldwide stand to gain from detectors that offer distinct advantages for their specific applications.

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